Journaling ♥ Travelers notebook insert cover April

I knew I wanted something very spring-themed, and what is more spring-themed than flowers?! Today I will share with you the cover of my April insert, and the reason behind it.

Don’t you just love flowers? I definitely do! It makes me very happy, and it makes me think of spring. And that is exactly the reason why I chose this lovely paper to cover a big part of my cover. I made the insert I use myself, by cutting down an A5 notebook from Action, a budget store. The original had a marmer-look pattern, but I covered that with this pretty flower paper, also from Action.


I wanted to “cover” the part at the bottom of my journal too, because I didn’t like how the original colour looked with the flower paper. I covered it with a washi tape from HEMA, out of their 2018 spring/easter set. The washi tape says “Hello spring” with a lot of doodles.

To make clear that I used this journal for April, I spelled out April in scrabble looking alphabet stickers that I bought a while back at Action. I also added some word stickers, and a little gold glitter heart!

That is it for this insert cover. Easy, but definitely spring-themed! Do you incorporate the seasons into your inserts as much as I do?

Lots of love,




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