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I am totally in love with this stamp set! I bought this stamp set at the end of June and I keep on using it since then. It is a stamp set with a “Sparkle” theme, with a lot of stamps! Read the whole article to know all the details about this stamp set!


This stamp set is from Marianne Design. As I already said, this stamp set has a sparkle theme! The 4 biggest words/phrases are “Leave a sparkle everywhere  you go”, “shine”, “sparkle” and “star(s)”. All the other little words make a sentence with the bigger words, like “choose to shine” “twinkle twinkle little star”!


The stamp set isn’t designed by Marianne herself, but it is designed by Karin Joan. Also known as “Maker is me”. She is an teacher in modern calligraphy and loves to be “all round creative” as she explains on her website. Those things explain the beautiful brush-lettered words!


On the back of the stamp set there are some examples of how the stamp set can be used. It is a very versatile stamp set! You can use it in your scrapbook albums, but to use them while making cards would perfect. I even used the stamps in my Bullet Journal and other planners.

The stamps leave a perfect print behind, on pretty much every paper! So the quality is really good. I love the fact that this stamp set includes so many little words and symbols, that makes the money worth it!

What do you think of this stamp set? Where would you use it for?

Lots of love,



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