Other crafty topics ♥ My washitape wishlist!

intro pictureHi there, today I want to talk about one of my biggest collections in my crafty stash; washitape! At the moment, I own more than 160 washitapes. But, because I never ever can habe anough washitapes.. Today I have my washitape wishlist to share with you. Want to know which washitapes I would like to own in the future? Read more!

Yay – mint


The first washitape on my wishlist is this very enthusiastic washitape from studiostationery! It is a minty tape with YAY! in gold foiling that is written again and again. You can find this washitape here!

Tiny dots

tiny dots

Another studiostationery washitape, but how cute is this one?! It is a black and white dotted washitape, but I love the way the dots are spread and not in a straight line! In general I am falling more and more in love with black and white washi’s, I think I have enough colours but not enough neutrals. This washitape can be found here!

Triangle love

triangle love

Another black and white one, but not with dots. This one has a triangle pattern. Not the perfect triangle type, the drawn ones! I love this, and the fact that some of the triangles are filled and some of them are just the outline of the triangle. Click here to go to the shop!

Wanna hug 

Cactus wash

Cactus! It might be a hype, or wathever you want to call it.. But I love this cute watercoloured washitape with different types of cactus. I know I said I have enough coloured ones, but for this one I can make some place! This one is available on Etsy!



Since I watch a lot of Daisy’s YouTube videos lately, the following two washitapes are used by her a lot! And can be bought in her shop! This is a thin black and white washitape with “X” written on there. Again; I love the fact that the little “X”‘s aren’t perfect.

Black & white heart

black and white heart

Hearts, who in this world could ever have enough washitapes with hearts on it? I know I couldn’t! This, again black and white washitape, has a lot of tiny hearts spread all over the washitape. I would love to add a strip of red, thin washitape on top! This cute washitape can be found here!

I hope you liked this blogpost! Do you think the washitapes on my wishlist are cute? Let me know in the comments which washitape is on your wishlist!

Lots of love,



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