Other crafty topics ♥ Dovecrafts wooden alphabet stamps review

Hi guys! These very cute wooden stamps found a home, my scraproom. I found these on a scrapbookexpo I went to last week and there were a couple of different fonts. They only cost €2! That is a bargain, right?! Want to know what I think about these stamps? Read more!



The stamps do not have a real name, so I named them myself. This set I will call the “typewriter” set, because the font looks like a typewriter font because of the differences in thickness in the letters. And ofcourse the straight lines and edges. This is the first set I found, and it is my favourite set.



The second stamp set looks like a “regular” handwritten alphabet. It could be someones handwriting! This set doesn’t have any capitals, so it is a perfect font for subtitles. Or for smaller spaces. This set contains, just like the other 2 sets, an expression mark, a question mark, an ampersand and a bracket.



The last stamp set is a set with the more rounded type of letters, all capitals! This set can be used as the capitals of the second set. This stamp set is a little bit more perfect than the other two, the letters are less natural and looks like a digital letter type.

The stamps them self are relatively small, they are 8*8 mm. The stamps are 3,2 centimeters high, of which 0,4 centimeter the real stamping part is. The letters are 4 millimeters wide. Really small! The stamps give a really clean print, the quality is good! The stamp takes the ink really well and the stamp print isn’t flattery.


When you buy the stamps, they are still attached to eachother! In this way the stamps all stay together, and you can be sure they are all in there. You can take them apart really easily, with a exactoknife or a pair of scissors.


The stamps come packaged in a little box, made out of cardboard. They come with a plastic wrapping, but there is no lid. That is a disadvantage, the stamps are not so easy to store away.


I am in love with these stamp sets! I use them a lot in my bullet-journal, because they are so small. The stamps can be bought at hobbycraft!

Lots of love,





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