Storage solutions ♥ Washitape

thumbnailHi guys! Happy sunday. I hope you had an amazing weekend. Today I want to introduce a new series to you; the storage solutions serie. The title pretty much describes the whole serie but in this serie I will share with you my storage solutions for a lot of different items in my stash. Today is the first “episode” of the serie; how I store my washitape!

Edit; something went wrong, this blogpost should have been up on sunday but wordpress didn’t work with me on that idea!

First I want to tell you a little bit about what I have tried before this storage solution, that weren’t real good solutions. I have tried storing them in 1 big box; a shoe box. That worked until my stash grew and I had too many to fit in 1 box. Then I switched to an antonius insert from IKEA where I could sort them by colour and have the washitapes on a layer in my kitchen cart. That just did not work for me. I could not see them easily and wasn’t using them as much as I liked.

So then this storage solution was the next, and hopefully last one!



So it was pretty easy to “build”. I bought 8 towel hooks, originally used in your kitchen or bathroom. Buying these you should look at the distance between where the wooden rod will be and the back of the hook. This is the room your washi tape will have to hang. With mine they fit nicely. I stuck my hooks on a whiteboard because I did not wanted to attach them directly to the wall but you can definitely attach them to the wall.

For the rods I bought one with a diameter of 1 CM I think. The rod should be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the tapes but thin enough to still give them the room between your wall and the rod. I have sawn these rods at a length of 30 cm/12 inch. You could make them longer but then getting of the washi tapes in the middle will be a major struggle.


Then I store my most used/want to use washi tapes on a kitchel roll holder on my desk! They perfectly fit on there and they are easy to switch with other washi tapes if I would like.


The wall storage fits 27 normal sized washi tapes on 1 rod, and around 60 small washi tapes on 1 rod. So in the end my wall storage carries 140 washi tapes. But you could squeeze in some more if you do not care about sorting them by width.

The little desk storage stand houses about 20 washi tapes.

So in the end; no. Not all of my washi tape fits on here but that is no problem to me. My holiday themed washi tapes are stored away in different places because I do not use them on a regular basis. I love this way of storing my washi tapes because I can see all of them in 1 eyesight.

I hope you liked my way of storing washi tape! I would love the know how you store your washi tapes.




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