Journal ♥ My week in journaling pages

ThumbnailOf course, showing you pictures of my week is something fun to do! But what sounded like even more fun to me is sharing my journaling pages. Journaling can reflect the way you feel not only by what is written but even with by how it is decorated! Sounds like fun right! Keep on reading ♥

Because this is my first “real” post all about my journal I wanted to share my journal itself. This is a personal planner; I bought it second handed and love the black and white stripes on the front! I chose for a personal planner instead of a bound journal because I like to have all the possibilities of adding and removing things whenever and wherever I would like them to be.


I will not explain the whole story behind the pages but just a little bit. Monday was a pretty normal day; school started again and it rained a lot. I used some easter stickers from HEMA because I liked the little bunnies on there; to tie in the theme I used some flowers to sprinkle around the page.



Tuesday was fun; a friend came over to bake some little deserts for a school project. Wednesday was as least fun as it could be! I was sick. Headache, a cold and a sore throat. I felt like shit; and that is why I added that cute poop-emoji!




Thursday I felt a lot better; and luckily I had no school! I worked on an essay pretty much the whole morning and I went to work. Friday I was super happy it was weekend! I wasn’t back to normal 100%, so I could perfectly use the weekend  to relax.





On Saturday my mom and dad left to stay in a hotel for 1 night. That meant; home alone for my brother and I! We cooked together and just had an chill evening. Sunday I woke up to birds singing and it being light outside! We cleaned the house, did homework and I had some time to be crafty.




So this was my week in journaling pages. This is week 9 of 2017. Let me know if you like this blogpost and if I should do more!logo


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