My favourites ♥ Washi tapes

thumbnailMost of the time when bloggers/YouTubers talk about their favourites, they will talk about their favourites of the past month or the past year. They do not talk about their favourite products in a category. So; I decided to do it differently and talk about my favourites in catergory “style”. Today I will share with you my favourite washi tapes!

I have chosen 5 different washi tapes, different colours, different brands and different prices. But these 5 washi tapes I use a lot, even though some of them do not “go” in my general color scheme.

Of course all of these washi tapes “work” good. They do not rip while getting it off of the roll. They stick nicely to the paper; but they are still easily replaceable. So; these 2 aspects I won’t mention in the more in depth information.


The first washi tape to share is this green geometric washi tape. This one I received in a swap, so I do not know where this one is from. But I know you can get it here! I love this washi tape because of the geometric pattern. Even when I cover up a part of the tape a lot of the pattern is still shown! Also this color of tape works well with a bunch of other colors.


The second washi tape I want to share is another geometric washi tape, again I received this washi tape in a swap but you can find in on the same webshop here. Before I received this washi tape I did not use a lot of red in my planner or journal spreads. I love this tape so much that now I use this color a lot more; just to match it with the washi.



A washi tape that is in a color that I use a lot is this watercolour washitape in the colour aqua/mint. I bought this tape on AliExpress, but I am sure you can find it on eBay too! This is a washi tape that is easy in use because of its neutral pattern. It is almost as neutral as a plain washitape, but with just this little bit of extra detail.


Next up a thinner washi with neutral colours. I got this washi around 3 years ago from HEMA, but I do not think they still sell it. This tape has the word “things” again and again written in a black handwritten style font and the background off the tape is white/transparent. This washi is a good combination with the more colourfull washi tapes.


The last washitape I want to share is one of my most qualitative one. It is a “real” brand; MT! This washi is a gorgeous dark green/aqua color with transparent tripes. You can find it on the MT site! But sometimes other stores sell MT as well. This washi is one I like to use in my dark aqua filofax; because the colors compliment each other really well.


So that is it for my favourite washi tapes! What are your favourite washi tapes? Which catergory would you like to see in my favourites next?




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